1.       INTRODUCTION   2

2.       Monitoring Locations   3

3.       Monitoring Methodology   4

4.       Results and Observations   8

5.       Action and Limit Levels   17

6.       Revisions for Inclusion in the EM&A Manual   22

7.       Comments & Conclusions   23


Table 2.1       Locations of Water Quality Monitoring Stations  3

Table 3.1       Monitoring Parameters and Frequency  4

Table 3.2       Water Quality Monitoring Parameters  5

Table 3.3       Water Quality Monitoring and Sampling Equipment 6

Table 3.4       Laboratory Measurement/Analysis Methods and Reporting Limits  7

Table 4.1       Summary of In-situ Monitoring Results (Mid-flood) 8

Table 4.2       Summary of In-situ Monitoring Results (Mid-ebb) 10

Table 4.3       Summary of Laboratory Analysis Results (Mid-flood) 12

Table 4.4       Summary of Laboratory Analysis Results (Mid-ebb) 14

Table 4.5       Summary Results of Hierarchical Clustering Analysis  16

Table 5.1       Wet/Dry Season Ratio of Nearest EPD Routine Monitoring Locations  17

Table 5.2       Determination of Action and Limit Levels  19

Table 5.3       Proposed Action Level (AL) and Limit Level (LL) for Water Quality Monitoring  20



Figure 1   Project General Layout

Figure 2   Locations of Water Quality Monitoring Stations



Appendix A     Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Schedule

Appendix B     Calibration Certificates of Equipment

Appendix C     Quality Assurance / Quality Control Results

Appendix D     Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Results

Appendix E     Graphical Presentation of Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Data

Appendix F      Weather Condition During the Baseline Monitoring Period

Appendix G     Statistical Analysis Output


Addendum 1   Enhancement of QA/QC for In-Situ Ammonia Measurement