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1.           INTRODUCTION  5






7.           CONCLUSIONS  20


Table I        Summary of Water Quality Exceedances – Routine Impact Monitoring (In-situ)                                

Table II        Summary of Water Quality Exceedances – Routine Impact Monitoring (Laboratory Analysis)       

Table III       Summary of the Exceedances Recorded in Reporting Period – 24-hr Monitoring                            

Table 2‑1     Key Personnel Contact of the Contract 7

Table 3‑1     Monitoring Parameters and Frequency  8

Table 3‑2     Water Quality Monitoring Parameters  9

Table 3‑3     Summary of Water Quality Exceedance (In-situ Measurement) 10

Table 3‑4     Summary of Water Quality Exceedance (Laboratory Analysis) 11

Table 4‑1     24-hr Water Quality Monitoring Parameters  12

Table 4‑2     Summary of Water Quality Exceedance (24-hr Monitoring) 13

Table 5‑1     Waste Quantities of Dredging Works  15

Table 5-2     Comparison of Quarterly Mean to Baseline Mean                                                                                                    Table 5-2                                                                           Comparison of Quarterly Mean to Baseline Mean                                                                          

Table 5‑3     Summary of Statistical Analysis  18

Table 61     Environmental Complaints Log                                                                                                    

Table 6‑2     Cumulative Statistics on Complaints                                                                                            

Table 6‑3     Cumulative Statistics on Successful Prosecutions                                                                        


Figure 1           Project General Layout

Figure 2           Locations of Water Quality Monitoring Stations



Appendix A

Project Organization Chart

Appendix B

Construction Programme

Appendix C

Action and Limit Levels

Appendix D

Graphical Presentation – Routine Impact Monitoring Results

Appendix E

Graphical Presentation – 24-hr Monitoring Results

Appendix F

Environmental Mitigation Implementation Schedule

Appendix G

Waste Generation in Reporting Period

Appendix H

Quarterly Assessment of Construction Impacts




i.      This is the Eleventh Quarterly Environmental Monitoring Audit (EM&A) Report – November 2016 – January 2017 for Contract No. CV/2013/04 – Dredging Works in Kwai Tsing and its Approach Channel (CE63/2008 – Providing Sufficient Water Depth for Kwai Tsing Container Basin and its Approach Channel). The dredging works commenced on 23 April 2014. This report presents the environmental monitoring and audit works conducted from 23 October 2016 to 22 January 2017.


ii.    Construction Activities for the Reporting Period

During this reporting period, the principal work activities included:


November 2016

December 2016

January 2017

The construction work under this Contract was temporarily suspended since 13 August 2016.  Works were resumed on 24 December 2016.  During this period, there was no dredging work under this project.


Preparation works of dredging at Portion A / Zone 2B1 and 2B2 in EP.


iii.   Water Quality Monitoring

Referring to the Proposal for Temporary Suspension of Impact Water Quality Monitoring (0394_13_ED_0326F) which was submitted to EPD in August 2016 with no objection was received from EPD; removal of routine water quality monitoring station at SR1 was therefore effective from the resumption of marine construction works on 24 December 2016.


Routine impact water quality monitoring at 21 designated monitoring stations namely C1, C2, C3, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6, SR7, SR8, SR9, SR10, SR11, SR12 and SR13 were conducted during the reporting period. Exceedances of TIN (in-situ & lab) and Suspended Solids were recorded at various monitoring stations, detail of exceedance are summarized in Table I and II. However, investigation indicated these exceedances were not related to the Project works.


Among the 21 monitoring stations, supplementary 24-hr water quality monitoring was also conducted at 7 of the stations, which are SR4, SR5, SR9, SR10, SR11, SR12 and SR13. No exceedance was recorded in the reporting month. Number of exceedances recorded in the reporting month at each impact station is summarized in Table III.


iv.   Waste Management

No inert or non-inert C&D material related to dredging works and a small amount of general refuse were disposed off site in the reporting period.


iii.   Non-Compliance, Complaints, Notifications of Summons and Successful Prosecutions

No complaint, notification of prosecutions or summons was received in the reporting period.


iv.   Site Inspections and Audit

The Environmental Team conducted 13 site inspections in the reporting period. No particular observation was recorded in the reporting month except Contractor was reminded to place the corrected NRMM labels for the two air compressors on the drilling barge 998.


According to Contractor, no archaeological deposit was found during reporting period.


v.    Compliance with Specific EP conditions

Implementation of contractor’s mitigation for waste management and preparation works and other general site practice were checked. It was concluded that the project in compliance with the EP requirements on site mitigation measures in general.


vi.   Construction Activities for the Coming Reporting Period

During the coming reporting period, the principal work activities included:

·         Preparation Works of Dredging at Portion A / Zone 2B1 and 2B2 in EP

·         Dredging at Portion A / Zone 2B1, 2B2 and  Zone 2C1 in EP

According to information provided by the Contractor, dredging works and marine works will only be carried out at area outside Berth KC5 and Tsing Yi Submarine Outfall at Subzones Z1A, Z2B1, Z2B2 and Z2C1 in future.  Refer to Section 2.1.4 and Section 2.1.10 of the EM&A Manual, routine water quality monitoring stations at SR6, SR7, SR8, SR9, SR10 and SR11 and 24 hour monitoring stations at SR9, SR10 and SR11 were proposed to be removed as according to the Proposal on Removal of Some Water Quality Monitoring Stations After Resumption of Marine Construction Works (Dredging Works and Marine Works of the Northern Part of Kwai Tsing Container Basin Only) (0394_13_ED_0332I) which no objection was received from EPD and relevant parties. The removal of the water quality monitoring at the mentioned stations will be effective from 23 January 2017.


Future Key Issues include:

·         Regular inspection on silt curtain deployment

·         Regular inspection on silt screen deployment

·         Implementation of EM&A Programme

·         Maintain dredging below allowable dredging rate in EP.

·         Cleaning of excess material from the decks and exposed fittings of barges and dredgers before the vessel is moved.

·         Barge loading shall be monitored to ensure material is not lost during transportation.

·         Conditions in dumping permit shall be followed strictly.